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순수하고 자연적인 Calendula 에센셜 오일
순수하고 자연적인 Calendula 에센셜 오일
순수하고 자연적인 Calendula 에센셜 오일
순수하고 자연적인 Calendula 에센셜 오일
순수하고 자연적인 Calendula 에센셜 오일

순수하고 자연적인 Calendula 에센셜 오일

단가: USD 35 / Kilogram
지불 유형: L/C,T/T,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union
최소 주문량: 1 Kilogram
배송 시간: 3 일

기본 정보

    모형: ZX-001

    Type: 100% Pure

Additional Info

    포장: 플라스틱 배럴과 알루미늄 병

    생산력: 10000000000KG/YEAR

    상표: ZX

    수송: Ocean,Land,Air

    원산지: 중국

    공급 능력: 10000000000KG/YEAR

    인증 : ISO9001,SC,FDA

    HS 코드: 3301299999

    포트: GuangZhou,Shenzhen

제품 설명

신선한 콜드 프레스 Calendula 에센셜 오일 대량 가격

  • 칼렌듈라 오일

  • 대량 금 송유

  • 금 송 화 officinelis oil

    신선한 콜드 프레스 Calendula 에센셜 오일 대량 가격 calendula oilcalendula oilcalendula oil

    wholesale Fresh Cold Pressed Calendula Essential Oil in Bulk price


    Calendula oil is distilled from the flower tops and is quite sticky and viscous. With the maceration extraction method, the flowers are soaked in hot oil to have their cell membranes ruptured amd the hot oil then absorbs the essence. The oil is then cleared of the botanical and decanted. It has a very strong smell described as musky, woody, and even rotten-like the marigold flowers themselves. This smell does not reafily appeal to many individuals, even in when used in a remedy.

    Calendula oil is used in various products, oftentimes as a great base for lotions, salves, creams, several natural cosmetics and personal care products, and herbal ointments. It is also very commonly works as a base oil in aromatherapy. 

    Calendula oil is said to be completely non-toxic and highly effectivein treating nearly every sort of skin disorder.

    Packing Option

    1) 5 ml


    3) 30 ml



    EssentialOil Available

    Basil/Bergamop/Benzion/Laurel/Black Pepper/Carrot seed/Cedarwood/Chamomile/

    Cinamon/Citronella/Clary Sage/Clove Leaf/Coriander/Cypress/Eucalyptus/Fennel/


    Lime/Mandarin/Marjoram/Melissa/Myrrh/Neroli/Niaouli/Nutmeng/Orange/Palmarosa/ Patchouli/Peppermint/Petitgrain/Pine/Fennel sweet/Rose/Rosemary/Rosewood/Sandalwood/ Spearmint/Tea Tree/Thyme/Vetivert/Wintergreen/Ylangy oil


    1.It is mainly used for skin care and it is a great moisturizer for dry skin.
    2.It is used to get relief in abdominal cramps & constipation.
    3.It is good massage oil and specially for babies.
    4.It also helps to treat spider veins, leg ulcers etc.
    5.It helps in healing of wounds & minor cuts and great for treating athlete`s foot, ringworm etc.


    1) Free sample is available, but we charge freight. 

    2) 3-6 days sample-time

    Lead time

    1) within 10-15 days,under 10,000PCS

    2) within 15 days,FCL bulk purchase


    1) trade insurrance 

    2) TT,L/C,Western union, Paypal


    1) Raw material purchase

    2) OEM/ODM

    Main clients

    1) India, America, Australia, France, Dubai, Turkey, Russia and South Afica and so on 

    2) cosmetics company, beauty salon and spa

     Purity 100% pure and natural 
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